Oak Forest Ventures (OFV) is a solutions firm dedicated to substantially improving the profitability of its clients. OFV benefits from its proprietary technology, its expertise within distribution/wholesaling/several other industry sectors, and its unique methodology to pinpoint profit improvement opportunities. OFV has numerous seasoned industry executives on its team.  It also has compiled a large database of detailed industry financial and operational performance benchmarks to compare specific facilities, departments, and processes to facilitate documentation of the opportunities and calculation of potential impact.

OFV is best of breed for:

  • Assessing up front IF there are tangible and meaningful profit improvement opportunities
  • Identifying and quantifying detailed opportunities for cost and profit improvement across facilities, departments, processes, customers, products, employees…
  • Capturing value via seasoned industry leadership leveraging detailed actions from the above that mitigate risk and ensure success in creating increased value

Through its proven fast-track profit modeling and value-capture approach, OFV can quickly identify profit potential and dramatically increase the profitability and value of these companies within 2 to 3 months.

"We have before us a totally new approach never before contemplated… Imagine if you knew the profit improvement potential in great detail, up front…EBITDA multiples would be irrelevant… If you have a 5x increase in profits without adding a dime in revenue, you would be laughing all the way to the bank."

"If we can double (at worst) the profits of our clients, why aren’t we rolling this out across their industry?"

- Steve Anderson. Founder of Acorn Systems, Inc.; Founder of Oak Forest Ventures; Pioneer of Time Driven ABC and co-author of Time Driven ABC (Harvard Business Press, 2006) with Dr. Robert Kaplan, acclaimed Harvard Business School professor and author.

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