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The Team

OFV has built a team of professionals who bring a diverse set of skills, including M&A, turnaround, operational, and management experience. The firm also benefits from a board of ten distribution industry advisors, who have a combined total of 200 years of management experience.

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Steve Anderson

Mr. Anderson is a renowned expert in profit management, and has written over 30 articles on this and related subjects. He pioneered the new Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing, and co-wrote a book with Harvard Professor Robert Kaplan. He has advised more than 200 companies over the years, and has helped generate over $2 billion in profit improvement. Prior to Oak Forest, he was a consultant for McKinsey & Company. He graduated as a Baker Scholar from Harvard Business School, and with honors from Princeton University with a degree in engineering. He serves on three boards.

Robert Mills

Mr. Mills is co-founder of Oak Forest Technology.  He has significant experience in building advanced analytical systems to identify opportunities and optimize businesses.  He over 25 years of experience leading software companies.  He holds a computer science degree from the University of Houston.

David Deinzer

Mr Deinzer spent over 42 years in the metals distribution business. He was president & CEO of Denman & Davis, a multi-location steel service center based in NJ, providing metals and processing services to customer throughout the northeast and specialty metals nationwide. Mr Deinzer was active for over 40 years in the Metals Service Center Institute ,MSCI (formally SSCI), including the chairman of the Institute. Mr. Deinzer was an active board member and former chairman of the North American Steel Alliance (NASA). He is a graduate of Lehigh University, As Acorn's first metals distribution client, Mr. Deinzer worked closely with Mr. Anderson developing and implementing the first Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing for the metals distribution business. Over his career, he as served on multiple for-profit and non-profit boards.

Kurt Anderson

Mr. Anderson has over 25 years of food industry experience.  He literally “grew up” in the business having started out in his family’s grocery business at a very early age.  His diverse background includes extensive experience in both the retail and wholesale food industry, including Retail Store Director for Gordy’s Inc.; Senior Systems Analyst and Market Analyst for Supervalu, Inc; and Director of Operations, Vice President of Information Technology and Vice President of Distribution for J & B Group.  Mr. Anderson’s unique blend of operational and technical expertise allows him to quickly assess the needs and create solutions for today’s demanding business challenges. 

Troy Stovall

Mr. Stovall founded and serves as Managing Member of LeMaile Stovall LLC, a management consulting firm serving for-profit and nonprofit firms focused on strategy, operational performance and fund raising. He also works with Oak Forest, leading its higher education efforts as a Principal.  He has worked at senior levels in higher education (EVP/COO and CFO), founded and led a multi-million dollar family investment office and served global clients as a Sr. Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Co. Mr. Stovall holds a BSEE cum laude from Southern Methodist University, MS Computer Science from Stanford University and MBA from Harvard University.

Dr. Bernard West

Bernard West holds BSc and PhD degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Manchester, where he also taught for 6 years. He was CEO of CANSOLV Technologies of Montreal, President and COO, Canada Colors and Chemicals Limited. Prior and to that, he had 30 years of experience in the chemical industry with Rhone-Poulenc, Imperial Oil [ Esso ] and Polymer Corporation. Bernard has also been very active in industry associations and industry-government bodies; Chair of the Board of the Canada’s Chemical Producers Association, Chair of The Chemical Institute of Canada, Chair of the Society of Chemical Industry–Canadian Section, Member of the Board of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (Washington, D.C.) He Chaired of the Board of Ontario BioAuto Council.  Bernard is currently President of Westworks Consulting Limited and Chair of the IUPAC Committee on Chemical Industry. He is a member of the boards of Sulco Chemicals Ltd, Toronto and Millchem Holdings Limited. He is a Vice-Chair of the BioIndustrial Centre / Sustainable Chemistry Alliance, a member of the Board of Life Sciences Ontario, Co-Chair of the Canadian Green Chemistry and Engineering Network.

James Taylor



Mr. Taylor, a former senior consultant with Acorn Systems, has over 12 years experience leading profitability analytics implementations within the financial services, insurance, chemicals, steel, and food sectors.  Prior to joining PathFinder as COO, James successfully led a large scale global deployment of profitability analytics for one of the largest insurance firms in the world.  James has worked with over 50 unique clients, many of which continue to use the profitability analytics systems he helped design and deploy.  James also sits on the board of the Bordentown Township Economic Development Authority Committee and is a managing partner at SAAJ Urban Renewal, a private commercial real-estate development company.  James received his executive MBA with honors from Drexel University in 2016.



Oak Forest Advisors

Leland PuttermanCurrent CEO of Trivie Management Solutions, Former CEO of Acorn Systems, Former SVP of BMC Software. Former VP of Product Marketing, Oracle Corporation. Former VP of Sales at IBM. Princeton University.

Vincent Keller – Former President of IJ Foods, a $800 MM food service distributor in the Southeast, Former COO of The Keller Group. Phi Beta Kappa from Emory University. MBA with honors at Harvard.

Steve TagtmeierFormer Principal, McKinsey & Company

Dave Anderson - SVP Sales, Clifford Paper

Ron Nixon – Founder of CEO of the Catalyst Group

Paul Woods – SVP of IBM.  Has worked with OFV since 1998, coordinating efforts with distribution companies






Business Analyst Consultant
Philadelphia, PA preferred, multiple positions are available

Job Description: The Business Analyst Consultant assists the Engagement Manager in the overall design and build of the client’s business model as well as the analysis of the model results. This includes performing operational manager interviews, defining the algorithms that will be used to model departmental processes, validating calculation results and training client personnel in the use and maintenance of their model. The most challenging and rewarding aspect of the successful Business Analyst’s role is in the analysis of the model results and identification of profit improvement opportunities.


·  Minimum 3-5 years of related experience

·  Excellent problem solving, analytical skills and attention to detail

·  Knowledge of cost accounting, Activity Based Costing/Management and business process modeling is a requirement

·  Prior project experience in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation for a Fortune 1000 client is desired

·  Prior light project management experience is a plus

·  Familiarity with SQL is a requirement

·  Technical ability with Microsoft SQL Server, Data Transformation Services (DTS) and Actuate is a plus

·  Must be willing to travel 50% or more

·  Excellent verbal and written English communication skills are required

·  Degree/Major: BA in Accounting/Finance or BS in Computer Science or Information Systems. Additionally, a MBA is preferred

If you meet the requirements for this position and are ready for a career challenge, send your resume to

Database Consultant
Philadelphia, PA preferred, multiple positions are available

Job Description: The Technical Software Consultant provides technical assistance in all stages during the implementation of OFV fast track profit modeling. Primarily responsible for the design and development of the processes used to integrate client financial systems to EPS that are scalable and maintainable. In order to accomplish this, experience in developing Extract Transformation and Load (ETL) processes as well as experience in a variety of ETL tools, are required. Other project tasks include the installation of software, database sizing, security requirements, training client technical administration personnel, performance tuning and any technical support that may be required throughout the project.


·  Intermediate-level knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server, Data Transformation Services (DTS) and Transact-SQL

·  Intermediate-level background SQL Server Database Administration (DBA) skills including performance tuning, security, backup/recovery. Clustering, replication and parallelism are a plus.

·  Experience in ETL process design and development that is scalable and maintainable

·  Some technical familiarity with other relevant core technologies (e.g., JavaScript, HTML, IIS).

·  Actuate/Microsoft Reporting Services and reporting application development skills are a plus

·  OLAP experience/Cognos reporting is a plus

·  Some understanding of cost accounting and experience in financial applications is a plus

·  Minimum 2-3 years of related experience

·  Excellent technical skills and attention to detail

·  Must have excellent problem solving and analytical skills

·  Must be willing to travel 50% or more

·  Excellent verbal and written English communication skills are required

·  Degree/Major: BS or MS in Computer Science, Mathematics or a BA in Accounting/Finance with a Computer Science or Information Management/Systems minor.

If you meet the requirements for this position and are ready for a career challenge, send your resume to

Transaction Support Services Director

Job Description:
The Transaction Support Services Director works closely with other team members to provide financial and operational due diligence engagements for clients who are buying businesses. This team member will be responsible for managing projects, leading client meetings and help other team members understand the deal environment. This team member will also interact with other functional areas of the practice including tax, audit, business valuation, etc. to help identify further business opportunities for the firm.
The TSS Director will be responsible for managing/developing client relationships, leading the financial due diligence team and have overall responsibility of report completion on a timely basis. This report will be used by a number of parties to help provide purchase price adjustment mechanisms, deal structure points in the purchase agreement, financing arrangement structures, conclusions on whether or not to make the acquisition, etc. These reports will also help the client evaluate the financing requirements and the true operating capacity of the business. This team member will attend select networking events to meet potential and existing clients and represent the Firm in community activities and professional associations. Our environment is team oriented and promotes continued professional development and certification.


·         3-5 years experience working in the Transaction support and/or Audit Practice of a national public accounting firm.

·         Bachelors degree with an emphasis in Finance or Accounting

·         CPA certification or International equivalent.

·         Flexibility for 20% to 30% of overnight travel on out of town projects

·         Strong project management skills

·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills

·         Proficient (familiarity) with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint Preferred experience (not required)

·         Masters in Business Administration.

·         Private industry experience and/or consulting background.

If you meet the requirements for this position and are ready for a career challenge, send your resume to


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